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The condenser will probably sit on a concrete pad: make sure that it is level, because sometimes the concrete can break down and put the condenser and the motor out of the level. That can influence the operation of it. The condenser and evaporator are sealed units, which it is why it is so difficult for amateurs to carry out their own air conditioner repair. The most prevalent problem that you can fix yourself is a blocked or dirty evaporator.You may want to check out London air conditioning for more.

If you have a regular air conditioning service carried out by a professional, you should not experience these problems, except when vegetation and other debris can be blown into the unit in extreme weather conditions. By first removing the insulation and the evaporator access plate, you can clean the evaporator unit yourself, but it is much safer and more effective in the long run to have a professional contract that regularly takes care of all this for you. Honestly, in spite of those who try to do it themselves, if you want it done correctly, HVAC repair is a job for professionals. If you try it yourself you not only have the problem of getting into the units, and then the even greater problem of effecting a safe repair, but then you have to put it all back together in a safe fashion. Use of a professional air conditioner repair service is advisable, but one that offers you a free estimate first. Some charge for the calculation, so you are required to pay them whether or not you accept the calculation. You often discover that companies that provide a free estimate are both relatively costly and do a good job. Unless they are good at what they are doing and their prices are very competitive, no business can afford to offer free estimates. Also, make sure they give you a guarantee – for time and any parts that they instal.


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