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Many people purchase homeowner’s insurance but they don’t read through the policy carefully to understand what it is that they have purchased and how much coverage they have. Check Miller Hanover Insurance. For example, you want to make sure you have enough insurance to cover rebuilding your house after a fire not just enough insurance to cover what it would sell for on the market right now.When you’re working with an insurance company be sure to ask what isn’t covered by the policy. Most standard insurance policies do not cover earthquake damage, flood damage, or hurricane damage. Floods can be covered by additional insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program if you want flood insurance. Sewage backup is also not covered but can be added to your insurance policy with a rider. Mold, fungus, rot, and bacteria are also typically not covered by a standard policyIf you have built your dream house plans you want to keep your property safe. Be sure to read your policy. The homeowner’s insurance policy will tell you how it’s supposed to work but you have to actually read the policy to know how it will work. When you’re standing at the rental car counter, you will be faced with an important question-should you pay extra to purchase the rental company’s insurance and waivers or should you save your money?

Before you make the decision, you need to understand what coverage you may already have for rental cars. Your personal auto insurance coverage, limits and deductibles extend to some of the damages incurred in some of the vehicles you rent but it may not cover all the damages the rental company holds you liable for after an insurable incident. Fully or partially uncovered expenses include:Loss of Use: While your rental car is off the road and in the shop, the rental company could be losing money.