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When a patient comes in for their IV hydration, it is important to provide them with the best care. If you are treating a patient, whether in the hospital or at home, it is crucial that you keep them as comfortable as possible. If you make them feel uncomfortable while they are having their IV hydration, it can make them feel even more fearful and anxious, which is counter-productive to your goal of getting them well. To that end, it is important that you provide them with an environment that is comfortable and inviting. If you provide them with a great meal, they may feel much better throughout the course of the procedure. Here are some things that you can do to make them feel at home during their IV hydration.Visit San Diego IV hydration for more details.

– Vitamin Therapy: Often times when a patient has a lower immune system, they will not be ingesting enough vitamins. This can actually make their symptoms worse, so by providing them with a healthy diet, you are giving them the nutrients that they need. One supplement that you can add to their IV hydration that can be very beneficial is Vitamin C, since it helps to reduce inflammation throughout the body. Simply book your visit online and tell them what nutrients you want to add to their IV hydration supplement package.

– Water Flushes: Often times a person’s body is holding onto liquids too long, even though they are thirsty. By offering them different fluids, such as sports drinks, you are offering them something that they may not have had a chance to get before their visit. If you do not already offer this to patients undergoing their IV hydration therapy, you should definitely consider it. Studies have shown that patients who are properly hydrated throughout the process of their IV hydration therapy experience a better outcome and recover quicker than those who were not properly hydrated.

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