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Rally-O is a combination of basic obedience dog training and extreme agility training. It teaches the perfect relationship between a well behaved dog that obeys its master and an owner who has mastered the skills of agility. Rally-O helps a dog to learn how to perform many tasks quickly and efficiently while having fun at the same time. When your dog practices Rally-O properly, he or she masters the art of obedience by learning to listen to simple commands (Typical of basic obedience training) while having fun (typical for agility training). In addition, this training also teaches your dog how to perform numerous tricks including: jumping, walking/running/jumping, and more. You may want to check out Kansas City obedience dog training for more.

A very important skill for dog training in addition to the ability to listen to commands is agility. With this form of obedience dog training, your dog learns how to work with others in a controlled, yet agility competition-like atmosphere. Many times owners are able to use their dog’s obedience and agility skills to win an Agility competition. This training teaches your pets how to work together as a team. Additionally, it builds confidence, self-esteem, and overall excellent dog skills. In this way, the owner and their dogs can enjoy working together and improve the bond between them and strengthen the relationship between the two animals.

Today, many breeds of dogs are used in agility competitions. If you have a dog that is not familiar with agility, then consider starting obedience dog training with this type of training to introduce your pet to the world of competition-oriented fun. If you have a more experienced dog that is already trained in obedience or agility, consider taking your dog to agility school so they can learn how to participate in this fun sport with other dogs. Regardless of the type of dog you have or your relationship with your dog, training is vital to keeping your pet safe, happy, and comfortable. Consider agility and obedience dog training as part of your dogs’ grooming, health care, exercise, and socialization needs.


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Your dog is an indispensable family member and it is not shocking that because they provide us with both affection and devotion, they are referred to as mans “best friend”. This is why, as you go out on vacation, they deserve the best. Some dogs will find this separation time painful after getting your love and attention all year long, even though it is only a week. It is good to realise that your dog is having fun and enjoying his holiday too to give you full peace of mind and let you have fun and enjoy your holiday!Have a look at Smart Parke – Dog Daycare for more info on this.

When searching for the proper dog boarding kennel for your dog, planning is important. Before you make a choice, you may want to study all the dog boarding kennels in your city. Make sure you book well in advance to prevent disappointment, particularly during the holiday season, as they get booked up fast. All respectable dog boarding kennels still need the dog to be properly vaccinated, so make sure that everything is completed in advance and you have all the work on paper.

Check with friends and family to begin the quest for a trustworthy dog boarding kennel, as strong reviews can really help you make a choice. To see if there is anybody they can consider, consult with the nearest vets and pet shop.

There are different kinds of facilities available that provide a wide variety of resources. If it’s just the day you’re going away for, you can prefer doggie daycare, while dog boarding kennels have a more upscale facility providing cage less dog boarding and one to one treatment from the pet sitter.

Create plans to travel out to see to see the owners until you have decided which dog boarding kennel you are involved in. Ensure that the machinery is new, neat, secure and odor-free. Figure out who is going to look after your dog; see how your dog deals with them and whether you are happy that your dog would be taken good care of by the guy. When your dog escapes, search the outside areas and ensure that they are thoroughly protected and that they are not very close to busy major roads.

Once the best dog boarding kennels have been selected, if necessary, take your dog to sit alone for a couple hours until you abandon him for the maximum duration. This way, he won’t sound like he’s been deserted as you leave, because it’ll be like returning to a spot he loves. This service will be provided by most respectable dog boarding kennels since they will understand that it is necessary for the dog, owner and for themselves that the dog is stress free and not nervous or upset throughout its stay.

Now it’s time to head out and enjoy a wonderful holiday and full peace of mind and take care of your dog exactly the way you will. You’re going to come home to a delighted dog that can rejoice in the privilege of enjoying lots of fun and a wonderful holiday much as you did!

4 Paws in the Park is a luxury dog walking and pet facility that delivers a new and preferred option to kennels located in a family home in East Sheen, London. 4 Paws in the Park offers a variety of pet facilities to keep your life enjoyable and free of worry. They include: dog training, dog grooming, dog daycare, pet feeding, and facilities for pet taxis. Brodie Ellis owns the 4 Paws in the park. I grew up spontaneously, originally from the Cotswolds, surrounded by creatures of all shapes and sizes.