Restoration Contractors

You would possibly have to employ a reconstruction contractor to finish work on your house if you are the target of an insured loss, such as a burn, earthquake, storm or hurricane. This is a question, however, that most property owners never recognize… until it’s too late.Do you want to learn more? -learn more

The concern is the repair contractor’s liability insurance. You may have serious liability concerns in the reconstruction process, regardless of whether you are the owner of residential or commercial land.

Customarily, repair companies are general contractors. Which ensures that the job of sub-contractors is handled. To complete the work on your house, they can employ plumbers, framing workers, roofers, electricians, drywall crews, painters and other artisans. Often occasions, the repair contractor has on his staff a team of employees. But, there are several contractors for renovation who only serve as building managers.

In that arrangement, there’s nothing wrong if the work is completed on schedule and on budget.

You’ll be entered into a deal with your preferred provider. In addition, you would be providing authority to your boss, as well as his sub-contractors, to operate on your premises. Here is where you ought to be vigilant about defending yourself.

In the pre-contract phase of checking the qualifications of your preferred provider, you may have to have the contractor send you a recent copy of his insurance certificate. Take a couple of minutes to contact the insurance provider and ensure that the contract is in place and that the details of the policy are right.

You must demand that the recovery provider assume general responsibility, finished procedures and health benefits for personnel (if he has employees). You must also insist that the same insurance certificates are furnished by each sub-contractor. A contractor that served independently and had no workers would be the only case. The fellow does not require protection from Employers Compensation.

Another very important tactic is to demand that ALL the employers position you as a “Additional Named Insured.” on their insurance plans. That way, THEIR insurance coverage will protect and pay on your behalf if something happens in the process of maintenance, such as a worker accident or any other liability problem for which they are responsible.

In a litigation award, this one solution could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars, and thousands of attorney costs fighting the lawsuit.

Don’t make yourself susceptible to liability and action. Using this technique!