So you’ve looked at some small tattoos and decided you want one? Although it is only small that is a big decision! Check MicroTattoo. It will be with you for the rest of your life so you need to make sure you choose one that is right for you, let’s take a quick look at the different things to consider:


Well obviously this is one of the most important choices! If you have been into tattoo shops then you have seen their selection of designs and have probably found a load you like. If you like the design but don’t like the place you can now find thousands of designs online which you can print off and take to any artist who will do it for you.

You need to think about what it is going to symbolise, there are so many different choices, a heart, angels, a skull, remember small tattoos are probably around 1 – 3.5 inches in size so you can’t get too intricate.

Always sleep on your decision, take it from someone who has had to have one of their medium sized tattoos covered over, you need to sleep on it so you don’t make a hasty choice!


Ok, so you have your design picked, you are sure about it, now what is a decision even more important than the design? The artist who will do it of course!

You know the tattoo I had covered – that was by a bad artist! Don’t ever think they are all equal, buy a tattoo magazine and find someone near you who is well thought of, look online for reviews, don’t just walk into a parlour as some people should not be in business!

A bad artist will make it more painful than necessary, they will not go deep enough so the ink comes out and they won’t have very good drawing skills so your outline and shapes will be all deformed, that is worse than no tattoo!

Get recommendations, check out examples of the work, if in doubt travel to see an award winning artist in another city from one of the magazines you bought (if you don’t have one near you that is). You will regret it for a long time if you choose a bad artist.


Now you have your design and a competent artist, but where do you get it done? That depends entirely on you. From experience I would say avoid anywhere too bony as that can hurt, but other than that it is up to you!

Most employers don’t like to see tattoos – so if you work in an office try not to have one on your neck or forearms, but other than that then have it wherever feels best for you, ask around anyone you know who has one for examples of where they had it done so you can get ideas.

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